Tuesday 2 October 2012

In praise of the kindness of strangers in supermarkets

I popped into the local Monterey supermarket last night to pick up some provisions for our passage today (South - maybe as far as Santa Barbara - likely two over-nights).  It was a short 20 min walk on the way there ... but it was looking like a longer walk on the way home in the dark.  Even with heavy groceries in my backpack and lighter snacks in the two grocery bags, I can't say I was enthusiastic about walking back to the marina.  Enter the generous couple behind me at the checkout.  Did I have far to go?  Would I like a ride? My first instinct in this don't-trust-anyone age was to politely decline ... after all I have two legs, and I could certainly make it. Thankfully, I decided not to be my usual stubborn self, and to accept this kind offer of strangers (whose first baby is due any day).  As we got going, it turned out that we had much in common, including military service.  They are another service couple, dealing with the 'joys' of postings to separate locations and an upcoming 6-week maternity leave.  A, M, and Uncle D - you know who you are, and I thank you.

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