Thursday 27 September 2012

Some Photos from San Francisco.

We are anchored in the Aquatic Park in San Francisco and have decent internet access today so we have uploaded a random collection of photos from the last few weeks.

A typical picture on our AIS - the black triangles are contacts that set off our CPA alarm

Bencia CA to get our fuel tanks cleaned

Lego time

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Dave the Rigger and Dave the Sailmaker (Island Planet Sails) making Fluenta healthy again.

Entering San Francisco under the cover of darkness.  Golden Gate Bridge in the background.  A long night with 27kts of wind and fuel issues.

Anchored in the Aquatic Park in San Francisco

One of the AC42 crews that cut rather close to our boat

The shuttle flew over to welcome us to San Francisco.

Crew for Port Angeles to Newport OR

Dirty Fuel Tank: Red=good, Black=bad

Um, you are the overtaking vessel therefore you are the burdened vessel

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