Tuesday 3 December 2013

Introducing Benjamin George Shaw

After a graceful and natural labour, Benjamin George Shaw was born to a water birth at Doctora Tony's Birth House in Puerto Vallarata.  He was born at 0515 on 3 December 2013.  He weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces and was 20 inches long.

Mum and baby are doing well.  We will spend another night here in Puerto Vallarta and then likely move back into the rented condo in La Cruz tomorrow.

With our amazing doctor

Lots of care from his big sister

Now a big brother !

Healthy mum and baby

Sunday 1 December 2013

Still Waiting

We thought baby things might be happening last Monday so we forward deployed to the Birth House in Puerto Vallarta.   No baby yet so thanks to Doctora Vargas we can continue to stay at the Birth House and we continue our Puerto Vallarta holiday.

The Entrance to the Birth House Where We Are Staying

Victoria has been busy making a blanket for baby with the sewing machine.  It is full of batting so it should be soft for baby.

Walks on the beach to see how the tourists live:

Puerto Vallarta near the Cruise Ship Terminal

How the Tourists Live.
Practicing Our Tourist Skills

Always Something Interesting on the Malecon
More Malecon Art

Note the Name on the Gift Tag
Still odd to enter the Christmas season in the heat.

We prefer to see dolphins in the water but this is a cool statue.

It takes us a long time to walk anywhere in Mexico as every lady - young and old - need to come out and touch the belly !

And of course, we need to eat and being temporarily in Puerto Vallarta means lots of inexpensive but tasty meals:

Huevos con Chorizo for breakfast

Road Trip to Bucerias (Actually a village close to La Cruz that we pass on the bus but never stop at)

The juices and smoothies are amazing.  This is our regular breakfast spot.
We were watching the ladies making tortillas and they ushered Victoria in for a free sample.

Tortilla Shop
You can buy your morning juice and your pinata all at the same time

Despite being in Puerto Vallarata, we still have been trekking back to La Cruz regularly for the kid's karate and aerial silks as well the Thanksgiving Party at Philos Restaurant.
Yet again, the view from the condo.

The condo looking in from the picture window

The Octopus's Garden:  A source of neat Huicol art and where the kids take Karate and Aerial Silks

More views from the Condo - and, of course, Liz.
 Thanksgiving Party at Philos with the crews of Rebel Heart, Alcyone and Kenta Anae.  Allyson and Cyndia from Kenta Anae and Alcyone were instrumental in decorating the Birth House in PV for us and generally taking good care of Liz.

Kids posing with baby Lyra from Rebel Heart.

Crazy ladies on the dance floor.  I didn't get any pictures from Liz and Cyndi doing Zumba later that night.