Sunday 20 October 2019

Fluenta and Crew are in Canada !

This afternoon Fluenta and crew tied up at the Prince Rupert Rowing and Yacht Club marking our return to Canada.  After many hours of motoring in Alaska we quite appropriately were able to sail again as we blasted across the border with winds approaching 30 kts.

Victoria raising the "Q" flag for the last time for a likely a long time.

In the continued series of "not in the tropics' photos ...
A few swells as you can see looking at the fishing boat passing us.  The sun did shine for a few moments.

And yes, we have lots of Alaska blog posts to catch up on ... eventually ...

Thursday 17 October 2019

More Fluenta in the News

"Family Completes 7-Year Cruising Odyssey" is rather premature as we are still in Alaska.  The main newspaper in Victoria, the Times Colonist, interviewed us awhile ago. That article - the link here - was reprinted in various other publications and even picked up by Blue Water Sailing magazine's weekly e-mail (screenshot above).

We have thousands of Alaska photos and words to organise into blog posts but the top priority at the moment is to keep moving south.  In the meantime I have added lot of photos to the previous blog posts from the long passage from the Marshall Islands to the Aleutians.  The posts start here:

For folks that want to meet us in person we have some exciting news coming up soon (well exciting for us anyway !)