Monday 11 July 2016

Return to Yadua - In Pictures

We had not heard how Yadua had faired during Cyclone Winston and we were looking forward to visiting the village there again so after a while Exodus and Fluenta did slow overnight passages to Yadua.  Liz wrote about it here and a few pictures are posted below:

Going carefully to the village.

Post sevusevu kava sesson

Look at the picture on the wall behind my right shoulder. (you can see the picture here).  Mele is the village spokesman or Taurgna ni koro.  This caused some chatter during the kava session.

Brendan is a great sport playing with the village kids.

Ball catching is a pretty universal language.

Time and I trying to fix the electrical system for the village meeting hall

Tim and I trying to fix the electrical system for the village meeting hall.  (SV Exodus Photo)

Tim and I trying to fix the electrical system for the village meeting hall.  Brendan and Johnathan thought it was a good idea to check out the view from the top.

Post work tea break.

Our host.

The view from the roof - I love the thatched roof with a solar panel.

The view from the roof.

The view from the roof.

Packing to go to the village. Water bottle: check, Fish head: check (to give to the village)

Preparing for some bouncy weather in the anchorage - double snubber (which we rig most of the time anyway)/

Charge !

Our "private" anchorage with Exodus on the east side of Yadua.

Benjamin not getting left out !

The kid's raft coming out to the anchorage.  (SV Exodus Photo)

Playing ashore.  (SV Exodus Photo)

Alex  from Exodus takes such good care of Benjamin.  (SV Exodus Photo)

Rope swing !  Better angle now for better air time.  (SV Exodus Photo)

Cake !

Saying hello to supper.

The camp

The campers.

Another private Exodus/Fluenta anchorage.  On the western side of Yadua. (SV Exodus Photo)

To Makogai with Sea Mercy - In Pictures

I'm Once we were finished in Savusavu we headed down to Makogai to help out with Sea Mercy.  Liz has written about our experience on the blog already and here are some photos.

Sea Mercy: Sailing with a Greater Purpose

Coming into the anchorage (Miriam Wolff photo)

The guys driving us down to the village in the longboat

Some of the damage is evident even before you get to the village.

The school is now in the tents

The school is now in the blue tents and families live in the white tents.

Brendan and Johnathan helping clear the roof.

Cleaning up the school site.

Recovering some of the lumber.

Deanne from Exodus clearing a site and recovering usable material.

Victoria and Johnathan hauling recovered lumber.

Victoria making flat breads with Wendy from SV Outsider.

Even Benjamin was helping - here being helped by Sadie from SV Carpe Diem

Johnathan painting signs in English and Fijian,

Johnathan and I laying the floor for the new school

Always a bit of time for rugby coaching,  (SV Exodus photo)

My many helpers.

My many helpers.

Tim (Exodus) and James (Carpe Diem) moving the new water tank.  (SV Exodus photo)

Fixing the Sea Mercy watermaker.

The spot on the beach where you can get 3G.   (SV Exodus photo)

Our first outside Sevusevu.  Normally this is down in the chief's house or meeting hall but Makongai's meeting house was knocked down.

Benjamin sleeping through sevusevu

Sunday cricket.

and, of course, volleyball

Shade !

Victoria organising tools in the village.

Too wet to work at the worksite so time to go spearfishing,

And our course, time to fix the carburetor on our outboard.  A little short on parts so I epoxied part of it together.

Up the rigging.

and out with the spinnaker pole swing again.

The anchorage

Fluenta parked in Exodus's sunset again (SV Exodus photo)