Monday 11 July 2016

Auckland to Savusavu in Pictures

Liz has written almost daily about the passage from Auckland to Savusavu in the blog (starting here) but at long last here are some photos from the passage:

Traditional pre-departure photo

Pre-passage planning board

Canning in preparation for the passage

While Benjamin studies up on his spearfishing skills

Still not in the tropics - more adventures in extreme nursing,

Still not in the tropics ...  Miriam reflecting on the glamour of ocean travel.

Benjamin looking for the tropics.
Rather calm though

0.5 kts of true wind.

and then the wind builds to 6 kts or so and we are sailing again

and some close reaching

and then eventually deep downwind,

I think we found the tropics again.

surfing practice

Studying Fijian vinaka.
Bobby the Booby stayed with us  few days after Minerva

A little bouncier.

Sunset over Koro Island as we have, for once, a smooth crossing of the Koro Sea.

Clearing customs with the nice folks in Savusavu.


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