Monday 26 January 2015

BC Adventures

We just finished a great three weeks in BC visiting friends and family, catching up on admin (home school HQ visit, dental readiness inspections and maintenance, etc) and actually relaxing.  We based ourselves at my sister's and her family's house in Victoria where the like-aged cousins could play non-stop.

After about a week in Victoria we headed up to my parent's farm near Salmon Arm for some fun in the snow.   Our little Mexicano, Benjamin, had never of course seen snow before so it was bit bewildering for him.

I also had a chance to visit my old squadron, 443 (Maritime Helicopter), and check out the massive new hangar that was just a specification in development when I was there.  The areas where we made mistakes in the development were pointed out to me ...
Victoria presenting to her cousin's grade five class.
The Shaw/McDonald Slingshot Cousin Team.  They were briefed that swans were not be targeted.
Time for hikes on the beach

Mount Baker from Oak Bay Marina

What ? Go out there in that white stuff ?

Liz being a good sport as we trek to go tobogganing on the other side of the valley.

Liz and Benjamin at the bottom of the toboggan run

Hang on Benjamin !

More sunsets in paradise (the chilled edition)
Tractor driving !  A road to be plowed.

From the top of the toboggan hill.

The new hangar at 443 (MH). (DCC photo)

I started putting this post together while waiting for the flight from Victoria to Vancouver to start the long trek back to the boat ...  We were rebooked for an earlier flight due to the incoming fog.  That flight was then cancelled and then so was our original flight which the last flight of the day ... So ... we try again tomorrow.

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Fluenta in Practical Sailor (in a very small way)

A very small mention but fun regardless to see Fluenta in my favourite sailing magazine (an easy choice for engineer/sailor geek):

Nope: not on the front page ...

Fluenta at anchor in Nuku Hiva in June 2014

While it was fun to have a letter published, some of our cruising friends write real articles for a variety of magazines.  Links to their blogs or writings are at:
  • SV Totem:  In addition to their great blog, Behan is on Sailfeed and writes a column for 48 North.  They also have a Stevens 47 with three not-so-little-anymore blond kids onboard {Note from Liz: so I knew we would all fit!} and have been constant mentors to us.  We had hoped to catch up to them, but this is not likely now as they are preparing to cross the Indian Ocean.
  • SV Estrellita 5.10b- Carol and Livia have a fun blog and YouTube channel.  Livia's writings can been seen in Ocean Navigator and kite surfing magazines.  She is also the author of the Interview with a Cruiser and Newly Salted projects.  Carol (aka TiFou) and I worked and sailed together when we both were in the Canadian Forces in BC.  One day we may actually catch up with them in the South Pacific !
  • SV Galactic.  Galactic is another kid boat we met in French Polynesia last season.  We were doing the conventional Mexico to NZ route while they were going from NZ to Chile ! In addition to their blog, Mike writes for Cruising World and has published a sailing book about their trip from Alaska to Australia.
  • SV Adamaster.  Yet another kid boat !  Their daughter was born in Mexico a few months before Benjamin, and we are all staying in the same marina in Whangarei - hopefully rafted up together.  Beyond their blog you can find Jess's writings in Ocean Navigator and Yachting Monthly

Sunday 11 January 2015

Atoll Development

We have done several presentations with schools while back in Canada.  Some of the questions have been on atolls.  So ... Victoria and I put together a slideshow on atoll lifecycles using Google Earth based on places we visited last year.  We are visiting a niece's grade six class tomorrow and Victoria will include the following slides:
Fatu Hiva: No fringing reef yet

Mo'orea: fringing reef started.  Limited lagoon
Bora Bora:  Full fringing reef and the mountain has began to subside.

Suwarrow:  A fringing reef and a full lagoon