Wednesday 21 January 2015

Fluenta in Practical Sailor (in a very small way)

A very small mention but fun regardless to see Fluenta in my favourite sailing magazine (an easy choice for engineer/sailor geek):

Nope: not on the front page ...

Fluenta at anchor in Nuku Hiva in June 2014

While it was fun to have a letter published, some of our cruising friends write real articles for a variety of magazines.  Links to their blogs or writings are at:
  • SV Totem:  In addition to their great blog, Behan is on Sailfeed and writes a column for 48 North.  They also have a Stevens 47 with three not-so-little-anymore blond kids onboard {Note from Liz: so I knew we would all fit!} and have been constant mentors to us.  We had hoped to catch up to them, but this is not likely now as they are preparing to cross the Indian Ocean.
  • SV Estrellita 5.10b- Carol and Livia have a fun blog and YouTube channel.  Livia's writings can been seen in Ocean Navigator and kite surfing magazines.  She is also the author of the Interview with a Cruiser and Newly Salted projects.  Carol (aka TiFou) and I worked and sailed together when we both were in the Canadian Forces in BC.  One day we may actually catch up with them in the South Pacific !
  • SV Galactic.  Galactic is another kid boat we met in French Polynesia last season.  We were doing the conventional Mexico to NZ route while they were going from NZ to Chile ! In addition to their blog, Mike writes for Cruising World and has published a sailing book about their trip from Alaska to Australia.
  • SV Adamaster.  Yet another kid boat !  Their daughter was born in Mexico a few months before Benjamin, and we are all staying in the same marina in Whangarei - hopefully rafted up together.  Beyond their blog you can find Jess's writings in Ocean Navigator and Yachting Monthly

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