Saturday 1 November 2014

Adventures in Extreme Baby Wearing (or Niue Photos Part 1)

The first installment of the Niue photos.  What an amazing place and we are scheming to go back someday ...

Avatele Beach
Local fishing at Avetele Beach.  We talked to him later and compared notes on Yellow Fin fishing.
Kids and I snorkelling.
Mooring Field
Fluenta on a mooring with our friends Whanake (left) and Lil Explorers (right)
So many caves !

The Bongo Van we rented with Whanakei.  First time we have rented a car for tourist purposes.

Niue Yacht Club - a great spot and Brian and Ira were so helpful.  Passports on the table getting ready to clear-out.

Preparing to crane our RHIB into the water.  This was the SOP for everytime you go ashore as your dingy would be compelled if you left it tied to the dock.

Fluenta primary crane operator.  Of course, don't let your nine year old do this at home ...

Watching a parade as a bystander for once.  Flag raising for their 40th Anniversary of Independance.  The crew of HMNZS OTAGO.

Flag Raising

Performances from the local school

More importantly says Benjamin, the feast to follow the flag raising.

The crew of HMNZS OTAGO perform

Tim, the CO of OTAGO giving us the ship tour and answering a million questions from us "yotties".  What a difference to be on a new ship rather than HMCS PROVIDER or PRESERVER where I served or the other ships I spent time on.

Yes, another Fluenta picture (with laundry flying) ...

Mooring Field

The kids in the engine room.  The diesels are a bit bigger than our old Perkins.

Family photo from the flight deck.

Anapala Chasm

Chilly fresh water in Anapala Chasm

More extreme baby wearing ...
And yet more extreme baby wearing ...
On the way down to Togo Chasm
More Togo Chasm
A bit more extreme baby wearing ...

Palaha Cave

Palaha Cave for more baby wearing.

Talava Arch

Talava Arch

Yoga at Talava Arch

Limu Pools
Limu Pools


  1. Outstanding photos!! If you ever write a book you could call it "Adventures in Baby Wearing"

  2. saw a while back that you had a great visit to Penrhyn, AND were the only boat at Suwarrow - looks like a great crossing!

    Mike and team Galactic

  3. Hi Team Galactic,

    Yes we had great visits in the Northern Cooks. Seemed a shock to be back in with the crowd at Nuku'alofa.

    Safe passage,


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