Sunday 23 October 2016

Brushes with Celebrity - The Dashew Edition

MV Cochise ( photo)
Before we went cruising I tracked down and read all of Steve and Linda Dashew's sailing books.  I always admired his designs but sadly even his old boats were well out of our price range.

He makes motor yachts now but with some of the same design philosophy he applied to his sailboats and I still read his blog from time to time.  It was a nice surprise then to see MV Cochise, Steve and Linda's own personal yacht and first in the new line of FPB78's, anchor near us at Musket Cove.

Victoria and went over with Russel and Jayia from SV Tika to say hello.  As we hoped, we were invited onboard for a tour.  Steve and Linda cruised when their children were young so it was no surprise that they were great with the children.  When Steve found out that Victoria draws sailboats and hopes to build her own someday she was invited back the next day to talk boat designs !

Steve and Linda were heading out for some trials and photo shoot with Moonshadow's (an early Dashew design) drone and, to my delight, I was invited along for the day sail.  What an impressive machine.  You can see the photos from the daysail here:

Steve Dashew and Victoria talking boat design.  They took Victoria's hand drawings and put them into the CAD system. Very cool !

Russel from Tika and Steve Dashew in what has to be the nicest engine room ever.

Linda Dashew talking cruising with the kids.
Fluenta from the helm of Cochise.

Tuesday 4 October 2016

Serving your Yard Time - Maintenance Update with Child Labour plus Fiji Gold

Cruising isn't all margaritas on the beach ... We left Fluenta in the yard at Vuda Point when we went back to Canada so it was an ideal time for me to catch up on maintenance while Liz and the kids stayed back in Canada for a few extra weeks.

I did not take a lot of pictures of the yard time but here are a few:

Hull waxing does not always get to the top of the maintenance list but it sure looks nice when it is done.
In the "pit".  The keel rests in the pit below the boat.

I found a cracked toggle so I replaced all the lower shroud toggles with these shiny Haynes toggles. 

New battery monitor to replace the 20 year old one the boat came with (it is not calibrated in the picture so do not pay attention to the numbers).  It is showing the state of the house bank plus voltages for the engine and windlass banks.
I looked around the yard one day and realised I was the only one there ... the last few minutes of the Olympic gold medal game in rugby.  Fiji won and a national holiday was declared.

And it had better be a real emergency ... Fiji shuts down to watch the rugby

And Vuda Point puts Fiji Gold (a popular local brand) on sale for $2Fijian (about $1.50 Canadian) after the gold medal win.

Thanks to Tim I was able to escape the yard for a bit and go spearfishing from Exodus.  Doing the 22 pushups for 22 days for PTSD awareness for veterans.
Liz and the kids return with six of seven bags.  Hoisting the bags on Fluenta.

I am sure this is safe - removing the wind generator so the travel lift can back out while balanced on top of the ladder.
Victoria putting new ball bearings into the spinnaker pole traveler car

Johnathan and I doing the static rig tune.

Six monthly windlass service with Victoria.

Re-attaching the SSB antenna

Fixing the wiring for the galley.

Rig inspection time once back in the water.

Back in the water.

And more departures, SY Breeze heads east from Fiji.  We first met them in La Cruz in our first year in Mexico.

Here is the dump from my maintenance spreadsheet for maintenance completed since leaving New Zealand in mid May. 

Date Maintenance Periodicity Category

16-May-16 Regulator – change absorption min to 60 min but drop ffl to 25
16-May-16 spinnaker holes – 2x near tack
16-May-16 changed WM pleated filter
18-May-16 purge WM of air – low pressure and output
20-May-16 air in WM lines – replaced out of round elbow on intake service valve with hose mender and rescue tape
20-May-16 purge WM of air – low pressure and output – fix leak in prefilter bowl fitting
20-May-16 Leak at WM filter housing – reset
22-May-16 check alternator belt tension 25 engine
22-May-16 check engine mount nuts 50 engine
22-May-16 topped up oil: 3/4 to Full
22-May-16 check air filter
22-May-16 port main winch – reset transmission

27-May-16 compass swing

2-Jun-16 Oil (100 hrs) - 7.95L of oil 125 engine
2-Jun-16 check alternator belt tension 25 engine
2-Jun-16 engine air filter check 125 engine
2-Jun-16 alternator x 3 and starter - check wiring 125 engine
2-Jun-16 clean reefer strainer and bowl 2 Mon reefer
2-Jun-16 Engine zinc 30 days Engine
2-Jun-16 Oil cooler zinc 30 days Engine
2-Jun-16 Battery water - fwd - 60 days 60 days
2-Jun-16 engine water strainer 30 days Engine
2-Jun-16 Outboard 15 hpanode 6 mon outboard
2-Jun-16 check fuel filter bowls Monthly Engine
2-Jun-16 Battery water - aft - 60 days 60 days
2-Jun-16 port settee leather repair
2-Jun-16 WM Membrane mounting

2-Jun-16 alternator regulator settings – increase Absorb Time

2-Jun-16 reset alternator reg error codes

2-Jun-16 aft cockpit lazerette cover – replace fasteners

2-Jun-16 WM strainer

2-Jun-16 deckwash sea strainer

2-Jun-16 Reefer drain strainer

3-Jun-16 cockpit cushion - repair port fwd
3-Jun-16 redo RHIB tube patches

3-Jun-16 longer running sheet with doughnut

3-Jun-16 patch hole in spinnaker – up from foot approx 1/3 aft

4-Jun-16 lifesling cover
4-Jun-16 rerig fishng gear

4-Jun-16 wire autopilot negative

16-Jun-16 ratcheting sound on starting outboard – moved lever and checked cord spring
16-Jun-16 new bands for speargun

23-Jun-16 RHIB Fuel tank – tie down straps – light lines with snaps under seat and eye strap to seat

25-Jun-16 restich edging port dodger side panel

26-Jun-16 clean hull and waterline

27-Jun-16 test rudder torque

1-Jul-16 hull/Prop clean Monthly
3-Jul-16 Engine zinc 30 days Engine
3-Jul-16 Oil cooler zinc 30 days Engine
3-Jul-16 engine water strainer 30 days Engine
3-Jul-16 Battery water - start battery - 60 days 120 days
3-Jul-16 Battery water - aft - 60 days 60 days


30-Jul-16 Battery water - fwd - 60 days 60 days
30-Jul-16 Battery water - aft - 60 days 60 days
31-Jul-16 blocks instead of snatch blocks for preventor
3-Aug-16 replace autopilot computer
3-Aug-16 tension deck tie rod fr aft lowers
3-Aug-16 main sheet ratchet block cam cleat – repair
4-Aug-16 cracked lower aft shroud toggle -replace all four with Hayns fittings
5-Aug-16 snack cupboard – latch

7-Aug-16 port side cabin -overhead light
7-Aug-16 v berth ceiling light
7-Aug-16 fwd passageway ceiling light
7-Aug-16 fwd head ceiling light
7-Aug-16 Clasp – stbd hanging locker

7-Aug-16 clear drain from mast base

8-Aug-16 chart table - 12V plug
8-Aug-16 chart table – AIS USB
8-Aug-16 chart table – NME2000 to USB
8-Aug-16 saloon stbd light – epoxy in new mount fwd

8-Aug-16 fill and redrill mount for saloon center trim

10-Aug-16 PSS shaft seal – clean/check face and check condition of bellows 12 mon haulout
10-Aug-16 check fuel filter bowls Monthly Engine
10-Aug-16 blue sea battery monitor
10-Aug-16 connect start battery to volt meter
10-Aug-16 connect windlass battery to volt meter
10-Aug-16 check cutlass bearing
11-Aug-16 Service max prop - Mar 2016 12 mon haulout
11-Aug-16 Steering cable tightness - check quarterly 3 mon Lazerrete
11-Aug-16 Prop/shaft zincs – replace aft and max prop. Fwd is fine. Removed and sanded shaft underneath 2 mon
11-Aug-16 Lubricate and inspect steering cable 6 mon Lazerrete
11-Aug-16 Lubricate and inspect steering chain 6 mon
11-Aug-16 install “testing” wires for autopilot solenoid
11-Aug-16 rudder quadrant stops – enlarge – hose and packing
11-Aug-16 steering cable – align helm
11-Aug-16 tighten safety nut on stbd side of steering quadrant
11-Aug-16 clean prop shaft and removal material fouling the cutless bearing
11-Aug-16 genoa uv strip – checked by Marshall Sails
12-Aug-16 engine air filter check 125 engine
12-Aug-16 Engine zinc 30 days Engine
12-Aug-16 Oil cooler zinc 30 days Engine
12-Aug-16 engine water strainer 30 days Engine
12-Aug-16 clean reefer strainer and bowl 2 Mon reefer
12-Aug-16 boot on engine alternator positive
12-Aug-16 new chartplotter
12-Aug-16 caulk around mast base in cabin

15-Aug-16 rebed chain plate backstay
15-Aug-16 rebed emergency tiller access
15-Aug-16 rebed SSB antena deck gland
15-Aug-16 Rebed -hyd hose
15-Aug-16 Rebed – port fwd window
15-Aug-16 recaulk around all windows
15-Aug-16 recaulk around stbd handrail
15-Aug-16 recaulk around port handrail
15-Aug-16 chafe repair on stbd jib sheet
15-Aug-16 spinnaker doughnut on running sheet
15-Aug-16 add missing bolts to stbd deck box

15-Aug-16 new latch for stbd deck box

15-Aug-16 eye straps on dockbox aft side

16-Aug-16 retap bolt for aft hatch

17-Aug-16 clean/polish prop
18-Aug-16 straps for SUP bag
18-Aug-16 Tackline attachment for staysail bag
18-Aug-16 rhib fuel tank cover
18-Aug-16 paint engine/transmission

18-Aug-16 leak under port electric winch panel

19-Aug-16 check alternator belt tension -tightened both sides 25 engine
19-Aug-16 Reefer lid repair – 52.6 x 51.1 cm
19-Aug-16 floor board pulls - replace x 3

20-Aug-16 Overhaul winch - 23 12 mon winch
20-Aug-16 Overhaul winch - port 27 Halyard 12 mon winch
20-Aug-16 clear panel behind companionway ladder – 43 cm x 66 cm
20-Aug-16 Rebed – handrail port side fwd – especially near main bulkhead
21-Aug-16 Overhaul winch - stbd 27 main sheet 12 mon winch
21-Aug-16 Overhaul winch - stbd 27 outboard 12 mon winch
21-Aug-16 Overhaul winch - stbd 28 12 mon winch
21-Aug-16 Rebed – toerail aft of fwd lower chainplate and into area behind mirror
22-Aug-16 Overhaul winch - port 28 12 mon winch
22-Aug-16 saloon fan - port side - wiring
22-Aug-16 nut on port handrail fastener – replace

23-Aug-16 Overhaul winch - port 36 12 mon winch
23-Aug-16 Overhaul winch - stbd 36 12 mon winch
24-Aug-16 replace stripped screws in deckhead

24-Aug-16 Honda generator - paint exhaust

25-Aug-16 bimini infill track - replace

26-Aug-16 dingy patches
26-Aug-16 safety line on preventor blocks
26-Aug-16 rain catcher/rain cover for saloon hatches - inside of lower shrouds to dodger
26-Aug-16 mask light on CO monitor

27-Aug-16 hull waxing

28-Aug-16 Pressure water filter 4 mon
29-Aug-16 Outboard 15 hp gear oil 6 mon outboard
29-Aug-16 Outboard 15 hp grease plus corrosion spray on throttle cables 6 mon outboard
29-Aug-16 Outboard 15 hp – service
30-Aug-16 Yamaha 2hp - 20 hr/3 mon maintenance - gear oil, greasing points, water from tell tale,
30-Aug-16 Yamaha 2hp - annual service plug fogging for storage 12 mon outboard
30-Aug-16 touch up ob paint – tilt bolt/nuts
31-Aug-16 chafe guard for foreguy on cabin top
31-Aug-16 chafe guard – anchor/stem
31-Aug-16 fix deck by fwd lower shroud

2-Sep-16 lubricate seacocks -
2-Sep-16 bottom paint
2-Sep-16 check seacocks
2-Sep-16 Propspeed
2-Sep-16 Update Predictwind Offshore
4-Sep-16 anchor shackle - check and replace seizing 3 mon
4-Sep-16 set up autopilot
4-Sep-16 spin pole block bearings
4-Sep-16 spin pole base washer/spacer
4-Sep-16 update chartplotter and fix track data

6-Sep-16 Temp repair to watermaker inlet valve
6-Sep-16 install fridge/freezer monitor

6-Sep-16 reinstall wind generator

7-Sep-16 cockpit light dimmer
9-Sep-16 mainfurl - Grease the grease nipple on the aft end of the spar. 2 Mon Grease
9-Sep-16 Windlass - bimonthly 2 Mon Grease
9-Sep-16 Windlass Service - preseason service - every 6 mon 6 mon Grease
9-Sep-16 rig tune
9-Sep-16 reattach SSB ant wire

9-Sep-16 Windlass zerk fitting – missing check valve – replaced zerk fitting

11-Sep-16 backstay cylinder leaking – replace with turnbuckles
11-Sep-16 cotter pin toggles and turnbuckles – temporary
11-Sep-16 rig inspect up mast
11-Sep-16 temp repair – pole topping lift chafe
12-Sep-16 Engine - valves - oct 15 500 engine
12-Sep-16 raw water pump leak ? Replace raw water pump
12-Sep-16 helm turks head and glow tape
13-Sep-16 new terminal block – fwd end of galley
13-Sep-16 replace old splice for galley fan
13-Sep-16 recrimp galley wiring at cct panel
13-Sep-16 waterlift muffler leak
14-Sep-16 move galley light switch and better wire run
14-Sep-16 resecure saloon stbd light
14-Sep-16 replace conduit wire to galley lights
14-Sep-16 galley lights – low voltage
14-Sep-16 oil pressure switch – resecure to hull
14-Sep-16 extension to rain catcher
15-Sep-16 top up coolant


17-Sep-16 wind generator wobble

18-Sep-16 Watermaker – no flow
23-Sep-16 galley light – reglue

23-Sep-16 gasket for window – aft cabin port

23-Sep-16 fix cockpit lights

30-Sep-16 y valve for shower drain as back up bilge pump
2-Oct-16 trim rhib patch
3-Oct-16 Battery water - fwd - 60 days 60 days
3-Oct-16 check fuel filter bowls Monthly Engine
3-Oct-16 Battery water - aft - 60 days 60 days
3-Oct-16 check windlass oil level 2 Mon
3-Oct-16 Blue Sky MPPT settings to 14.6V and 4 hrs