Monday 6 November 2023

Royal Canadian Maritime Search and Rescue

(RCMSAR 36 Photo)

We have not done a lot of posts about our transition to "land life" (although we still liveboard Fluenta) other than the various sailing events we have been at.  I will do a post later about how the kids (really young adults x 2 plus Benjamin) have transitioned to this new life.  In the meantime I thought it would be fun to do a post about one of my volunteer activities:  Royal Canadian Maritime Search and Rescue (RCMSAR).

Jack - Our Titan 28' with 2x 250HP pushing us along quite nicely ... (RMCSAR 36 Photo)

It has been great to be a student again and to part of a community.  While I get lots of time on the water with my job (39 different boats since January so far), the towing, searching, and medical part as been a good learning curve.   The training is quite extensive both on the water and in the classroom as one graduates from 'New Crew', 'Crew', 'Advanced Crew' and finally 'Coxswain'.  So far I am 'Advanced Crew' but I have some interesting training lined up for next year to start the process for qualifying as coxswain. 

Global TV did a review of one of the other stations here:


Blind pilotage training - guiding the vessel around at speed only on the electronics.

The calls are always interesting

Not a great spot to put a boat.

For the local folks, we are always looking for more volunteers.  More info here: