Wednesday 19 September 2012

Around Cape Mendocino and Almost to San Francisco

A short update via HF as I am supposed to be offwatch and it will likely be a busy night with increased traffic and building winds.

Liz, Frank and I are still offshore sailing in a nice 16kts of wind heading towards San Francisco. We left in the fog of Brookings OR 17 Sep and should be into San Francisco 20 Sep.

Thanks to sage advice from Totem our rounding of the infamous Cape Mendocino was in glassy calm conditions.

We beat to windward for most of the first day, motoring in the middle and now on a broad reach to Pt Reyes. The engine is cooperating although not unsurprisingly the primary filter pressure is increasing slowly - to be swapped before motoring into San Fran. Wildlife sighted include blue whales and lots of friendly dolphins.

Quick call with Wendall and Jean confirm that the shore party are doing well and the kids are now excited to be Junior Rangers after their visit to Redwood National Park.


At 19/09/2012 20:10 (utc) our position was 38°27.00'N 121°11.00'W

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