Wednesday 31 October 2012

Baja Ha Ha - Day 3

2030 Local - Today's highlight had to be catching our second fish (another 19" tuna) and eating our first one (tuna steaks panfried in butter) for lunch. What a delight to hear the exclamations from the kids that they had never eaten anything so yummy.

It was windier this afternoon, and we had a good lesson in how things can change in a second and take an hour to restore. Our spinnaker wound itself around the forestay when we went too far downwind - it collapsed and got fabric on both sides of the forestay (this was the part that took a second). We then had to figure out how to unwind both spinnaker and "furling sock lines" from said forestay and the pull the sock down over the spinnaker, all without tangling it in the shrouds or getting knocked overboard (this was the part that took an hour and a lot of patience). We did it, and came out unscathed (no damage to boat, sail or crew - whew!) The only saving grace was that we learned this lesson in the daytime instead of at night ...

We think we are into our last night of watches before Turtle Bay. Winds have been consistently 15-18 kts, so even on a broad reach we have a reef in the main and still have a boat speed over 6 kts. We should arrive at the anchorage sometime tomorrow, in time for 1 Nov trick-or-treating. Victoria & Johnathan are relieved not to miss Hallowe'en and excited to go "door to door" by dingy!

All is well.
At 01/11/2012 01:41 (utc) our position was 28°31.98'N 116°22.35'W

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