Wednesday 31 October 2012

Baja Ha Ha - Day 2

Today we had conditions that make people want to go cruising ... blue sky, calm seas, just enough wind to keep our spinnaker full (8-12 kts), and a happy crew.... what a change from fog, beating to windward and motoring!

I was about to write this little update just before suppertime (chili simmering on the stove) when there was great excitement on the aft deck... we had two fishing lines in the water, and we caught a fish! This was Fluenta's first catch, so we found ourselves a little bewildered ... what do we do now?? Thankfully, Max's youth as a trout fisherman came in handy, and we quickly got a photo, took some measurements (length 19" / weight unknown) and dispatched him - we now have steaks cooling in our fridge. We think it was a small yellow fin tuna (this is what everyone else has been catching) and we will enjoy it tomorrow. During the radio banter earlier in the day, we offered to trade wasabi for fish once we arrive in Turtle Bay, but now we won't have to:)

All is well - tonight the seas are gentle, the wind is behaving (unlike last night, we still have 10-15 kts of wind from the North), and we are making progress towards our destination.
At 30/10/2012 10:20 (utc) our position was 31°32.52'N 117°17.07'

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