Monday 29 October 2012

Baja Ha Ha

The morning that we have been preparing for (during the last two years) arrived this morning! We sailed out of San Diego under sunny blue skies, light winds, in the midst of a fleet of about 150 boats (some crews in costumes ...). We are now sailing in light airs under our colourful asymetric foresail. Until the fog rolled in (yes, really - we thought we were out of it once we got to San Diego, but it turns out that we were wrong) it was an extraordinary sight to see beautiful spinnakers going up all around us.

We are settling in for a passage of about 360 nm. The kids have brought Lego City to life, Frank & Max are flying the sails, and I am about to head for the galley to cook up our usual first-day supper of mac & cheese. Thankfully it is flat, so my lack of time to prep dinner ahead won't be too much of a problem. We'll go into our watch rotation later in the afternoon, and arrive in Turtle Bay in 2-3 days. One of the boats has already caught its first fish - perhaps we'll try our luck soon as well.

At 29/10/2012 20:15 (utc) our position was 32°27.00'N 117°11.70'W

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  1. Congratulations! Say hi to our favorite eateries in La Paz when you arrive.


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