Friday 6 January 2017

Tarawa Photos - First Visit

Clearing into Kiribati is a bit of an adventure even though we have by now cleared in and out of quite a few countries.  Liz has written several blog posts on our first stay in Tarawa and here are some of the pictures.

Welcome to Betio.
We let this ship go ahead of us in the channel but then he stopped mid channel with us just behind him.
One of the newer looking ships we shared the anchorage with.

and one of the older - not that this one needs an anchor anymore

all dressed up to visit Customs and Immigration

These motor catamarans are the ferry service to the outer islands.  Shallow draft for the atolls but they do not look all that stable for high seas.  Check out the stack of 45 gallon drums of fuel to be delivered to the outer islands.

Waiting for the kids to pick me up in the inner harbour.  In the background you can see ferry passengers on the beach waiting for the ferry to the outer islands.  I stepped into a pile of vomit with my sandled feet a I took this picture.

My ferry service, the kids, coming to pick me up after my Quarantine and Immigration adventure.
The view at the inner harbour - the town dump.
And then we changed anchorages - much calmer ...

And then we changed anchorages - much calmer ...

Of course, while the I-Kirabati still use traditional sailing canoes, they have no lack of Yamaha propelled boats too just like everywhere else.  They are all friendly though and wave as they go past.  And not too close like Mexico.

We were anchored outside the parliament buildings.

Backyard.  Six feet of water under the keel.
The view from the Parliament Buildings towards Fluenta

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