Tuesday 10 January 2017

Tabon Te Kee Kee New Year's Eve

We had intended to go to another atoll for New Year's Eve but we received an invite from some nice Australian ex-pat families to go to the Ta Bonte Kee Kee resort with them in North Tarawa

Low tide - Fluenta in the distance behind on the "rooms", overwater buias.

The resort as seen from Fluenta at high tide (at springs)

At the resort.

Ready to party.

Sunset.  Our rhib on stern and bow anchor in the foreground.  If you look closely you can see a fisherman going by with a net.

Tasty supper of chicken and fish.
We brought some serious fireworks we bought in Fiji post Diwali.  I am the small figure to the left of the fireworks out on the mud flats.
Out for a hike the next day while the six kids and one dad went on bikes.

The village near the resort.

The morning after photo.

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