Monday 9 January 2017

Butaritari in Photos - Adventures with Ari and Family

Our first few trips ashore in Butaritari were nice but hampered by our lack of I-Kiribati language and the limited English of many of the I-Kiribati.   This all changed when we met Ari, the Education Coordinator for Butaritari and Makin, and his family.  Liz wrote about our visit here and the pictures are below:

Ari and some of the children

Victoria showing the ladies crocheting.

One of the nice buia in Ari's compound.

Off to find fruit with Ari and one of his sons.

Ari took us to this pretty chapel at the eastern end of the island.

Ari and Liz at the chapel

Christmas Eve we receive a sneak preview of the dancing as his children show what they have been practicing for weeks

Victoria and one of Ari's daughters preparing fish.

The rope swing is always a hit with the kids.

Johnathan gets to try the traditional canoe.

Dinner onboard Fluenta

And playing with sticks with the boys.

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