Monday 22 September 2014

Some photos from our first week in Penrhyn

Arrived !  The view from the front once we got the anchor down.

And a bit of wind and rain - checking our anchor chain and snubber in the middle of the night.

Some lobster from my lobster fishing with Rio
A tasty gift from Rio
Johnathan filleting the trevally that Rio gave us.
Small hike on the motu

Preparation for the birthday feast

Waiting for the feast
The Feast Speeches
Benjamin at the head table.
Post feast photos
More photos ...
We are not the only one taking pictures !
Benjamin is getting lots of attention

The church 
The other side of the motu - facing out to sea.
A bit more tranquil inside the lagoon - Fluenta at anchor

And boat projects continue ... baby gates, boat style ...

Heading to the village to take the children sailing 

Patiently waiting his turn

Going fishing with Rio and Sam.  Turned out to be too rough outside the lagoon but we did catch two barracuda.
And more rain.  The hooded figures on the bow are the kids in their capes they made in Mexico

Shucking oysters for pearls

And still time for naps ...

And time for reading ...

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