Wednesday 24 September 2014

Gone Camping Penrhyn Style

We were invited by Rio to go camping with his family on one of the other motus.  Of course we said yes !  We packed up Fluenta, added 16 children and Rio and Koola plus a 35' and a 20' aluminum tender and their copious supplies and were off ..

View of the campsite from the bow of Fluenta.

Nice view but notice the brown bommies everywhere.  Not a relaxing anchorage to enter nor to find swing room in.

Our Canada Flag before Liz did some repairs.  Note the bommie just behind the boat at anchor - don't drag anchor here ...

A few of the kids ...

The Fleet

What's down there ...

Rio and Koola supervising

Johnathan watching for coral (and escaping the chaos)

They all fit on Fluenta !

Off to the beach !

Note the palm and rug combo - this was the sleeping area for everyone

Works never stops .. shucking oysters for pearls

Work never stops - preparing to feed the masses ...

A few birds - not happy with the kids' visit

Off egg collecting with Sam

Off to the egg collecting.

Egg collecting

Spearing fish

Johnathan at work scaling and gutting grouper and mullet

and pearl collecting continues ...

and continues ...

Victoria and the kids collecting shells for use in jewelry. 

Some passengers for my board

Fresh eggs for brunch

Brunch: coconut crab, wild eggs and some Napoleon fish ...

Tasty fried grouper.

Benjamin with Rosa.  Benamin has been asked if he wants to move to Penrhyn and become a Cook Islander

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