Thursday, 5 January 2017

Junior Crew Member Turns Three

Hard to believe but our junior crew member turned three in December while we were in Tuvalu.  A few changes since this post ...

Benjamin gets his own lego character from Johnathan's collection.
Birthday breakfast.  Real juice (saved for the occasion) and waffles

Victoria building the pirate ship, as requested by Benjamin, for his cake.

I think this one was popular.

Happy Birthday Benjamin


  1. Happy Birthday Benjamin! Hello Liz, Max, Victoria and Jonathan. It's been ages since our time on the dock in the Whengerei Marina. I have fond memories of chatting back and forth from our decks and waking up to mediate and practicing yoga. It brings me joy knowing you are still out there sailing the seas!

  2. so sweet! cant believe he's three years old!


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