Thursday, 25 September 2014

Gone Fishing With The Kids

Just before sunset last night the kids and I headed out in the RHIB and went fishing in the NE pass. The waves in the pass were a bit too nasty to get out to the outer reef so we trawled back and forth in the passable part of the pass (say that ten times fast).  We only ended up accidently surfing one of the waves in.  If the waves were cleaner it would be tempting to try it on my board ...

The kids caught two trevallies (I think) and we had strikes from a barracuda and a third trevally that got away.  When we got back Johnathan did all the filleting and both kids did the clean up.  I don't mind being out of the fish filleting job !

A worthwhile adventure which we will try to repeat again before we leave.

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