Thursday, 4 September 2014

Fluenta on Passage - Beach Boys playing in the cockpit.

Quick note to say we are on passage from Bora Bora with intentions for Penrhyn - approx 600 nm. Liz will write something longer and more eloquent later.

We left Bora Bora on Monday afternoon and despite the predicted requirement to motor we were able to sail shortly after leaving the Bora Bora pass. Since then the winds have been remarkably steady in the 20 to 23 kt TWS range and almost directly behind us. With the 3m swell that was already there from the weather far to the south of us and the winds we are presently in, Fleunta is surfing along. Through water speed are constantly in the 7 kt range with surf into the 9's before we increase the amount of reefing to keep the speed in check. Appropriately for all the surfing, the Beach Boys are playing on the iPad in the cockpit. Lots of rain too.

These reinforced trades were supposed to be well south of us according to the GFS GRIBs and the weather forecaster we e-mailed but I guess they have decided to move north as well. Reinforced trades happen when a large high pressure area passes south of the trade zone area. The anti-cyclonic winds (remember they turn the other way in the Southern Hemisphere) then line up with the existing SE trade winds. Windy and consistent.

We have only one fishing line out and no fish has been foolhardy to bite yet. Perhaps this is as the we look up at the fishing line when we drop into a trough. Not sure I want to land and process a fish as we bounce along !

All are doing well onboard. Victoria is busy with cross-stitching a birthday present for Liz and Johnathan is reading copious amounts of the Ranger's Apprentice. Benjamin is not bothered by the conditions - I guess he has spent most of his life at sea so this is normal.

At 9/3/2014 6:21 PM (utc) Fluenta's position was 13°17.14'S 154°25.17'W

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  1. My 10 year old loved the Ranger's Apprentice books.

    Sounds like everyone is OK with the motion.

    Still super jealous every time I read an update,



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