Thursday 18 January 2024

Coast Guard RHIOT Course - "Life Begins at 40 kts"

At the helm.  Zoom Zoom.

I am just back from the Canadian Coast Guard Rigid Hull Inflatable Operators Course on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  A bit chilly this time of year but such an honour to attend this prestigious course.  Only six students (from a police department, the Coast Guard, the Royal Navy and RCMSAR) and 70 hours of instruction over six days in all sorts of conditions day and night.

The school put together this video as a souvenir for us:


All the students were already experienced mariners and course started with a Colregs exam.  Over the six days we increased our skills in low and high speed manoeuvring ("Life Begins at 40 kts"), navigation, towing, search, rescues, risk management, and heavy weather. 

I have been lucky enough to take a lot of courses over 23 years in the military and now the last 12 years boating full time but this was the best.  The three instructors did an excellent job pushing us to increase our skills and knowledge so we can do a better job when we return to our home units.

Capsize Training on the coldest day of what was the coldest RHIOT Course ever.

A bit of ice !

Night Vision Goggles to assist with the night navigation exercises

Towing Practice

And pacing at various speeds.

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