Tuesday 9 January 2024

Atlantic Rally For Cruisers on a Nautitech 44 Open

Preparing for the start at Las Palmas, Canary Islands.

This November/December I had the honour of doing the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) across the Atlantic onboard a client's 2023 Nautitech 44 Open.  I had previously sailed the boat when we oversaw the commissioning and did the orientation/handover in May.  Of course, as much fun as it was sailing in La Rochelle, it was another level of adventure to help prepare the boat for the crossing and then get back offshore again.

The key to a good passage is good preparation.

We had a great passage - as expected for a vessel that won the European multi-hull "Yacht of The Year"  - and not only did we place well we did it in comfort.  Home schooling continued uninterrupted ! 

I will write more about the passage as I have promised to write at least one magazine article but here are a few pictures of the trip. 

There was some fishing !

And beautiful sunrises

And beautiful sunsets ...

And no problems making the boat go fast !  Just under 200nm that day.

Despite the speed we ate well !

Lovely days under spinnaker.

A quick note to commend the ARC staff - better known as the "yellow shirts" - for the amazing job they did organizing and facilitating this event.  I have been in quite a few sailing events but never one as well run as this !

ARC Awards in St Lucia. - Second in Class (and top Social Media for @Sailing_June)

I also had the chance to put my "instructor hat" back on and go through the CRYA Yachtmaster Offshore requirements with them which was was no hardship with such experienced sailors.

Newly Qualified CRYA Yachtmaster Offshore.

Another highlight:  Elizabeth and Benjamin were able to fly down to St Lucia so that Elizabeth and I could have meetings with the various brokerages in St Lucia and Martinique that we have worked with over the last few years.

My favourite office !

Lots more pictures and video in Instagram: @FluentaSailing and @Sailing_June

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