Friday 18 December 2015

Continued adventures in boat maintenance - a "cruising season" recap.

The cliche that cruising is "maintenance in exotic locations" has a lot of truth to it.  Boats, new or old, that are used full time in the dynamic and corrosive environment of the sea need continued maintenance - both preventative and corrective.

There are various blogs that detail their funds in and old but I though it would be interesting to the boat folks out there to see a summary of our boat maintenance activities.  If you are interested in the costs of cruising, Livia on Estrellita, ever the collector of data, has a collection of blogs that collate their costs here.  Our friends on Hotspur also keep track and publish their costs.

Below is a copy of my maintenance spreadsheet for the "cruising season" i.e. the time in the tropics from May 2015 to November 2015.  Of course, the spreadsheet does not tell the whole story.  Some of the line items are a few minutes work (check alternator belts) while others were dramas unto themselves (watermaker failure).  Also note that "passage preparation", while technically preventative maintenance, is a separate checklist in the spreadsheet

Priority/Date Maintenance Item Periodicity Due Category
28-May-15 stbd deck drain plugged
29-May-15 more turns on genoa furler
30-May-15 waterlift muffler leak - tightened hose clamps Engine
30-May-15 corrosion control fwd port engine mount and other areas ?
30-May-15 corrosion control chartplotter plugs
30-May-15 MOM8 temp repair
31-May-15 watermaker - pump 2 output WM WM
31-May-15 watermaker leak onto exhaust elbow ? WM WM
4-Jun-15 check fuel filter bowls Monthly Jun-15
5-Jun-15 Prop/shaft zincs Monthly May-15
8-Jun-15 clean reefer water filter
8-Jun-15 Pressure water filter
8-Jun-15 solar panel support
11-Jun-15 trickle rudder repair
12-Jun-15 leak - salt water pump
17-Jun-15 replaced watermaker filter and cleaned prefilter
17-Jun-15 switched to alternator # 2, alternator #1 burnt out.
19-Jun-15 alternator x 3 and starter - check wiring 125 4614 engine
19-Jun-15 engine air filter check 125 4614 engine
19-Jun-15 Steering cable tightness - check quarterly 3 mon Jun-15
19-Jun-15 Windlass - bimonthly 2 Mon 14-Jun-15
19-Jun-15 Engine zinc  - new zinc 60 days 15-Jun-15 Engine
19-Jun-15 mainfurl - Grease the grease nipple on the aft end of the spar. 2 Mon 15-Jun-15
19-Jun-15 Oil cooler zinc  60 days 15-Jun-15
19-Jun-15 Clark plump leaks WM WM
19-Jun-15 alternator 2 - tighten belt
19-Jun-15 sort fishing rigs
20-Jun-15 Autopilot - check bolt torque 3 mon Jun-15
20-Jun-15 autopilot - rudder response failure  - 4x bolts sheared from cross bar
20-Jun-15 empty and dry lazerette
20-Jun-15 OP10 autopilot controller test
20-Jun-15 RHIB hoist point - aft
22-Jun-15 replace aft head bowl seal
22-Jun-15 replace aft head flapper valve
22-Jun-15 replace aft head joker valve
23-Jun-15 speargun repair
26-Jun-15 check fuel filter bowls Monthly 1-Jul-15
26-Jun-15 empty and dry lockers - clean for mold- especially computer compartment
26-Jun-15 saloon table strut
27-Jun-15 Battery water - fwd - 60 days 60 days 18-Jun-15
27-Jun-15 Battery water - aft - 60 days 60 days 7-Jul-15
27-Jun-15 preventer shackle sewn-in
27-Jun-15 reroute lifeline netting  windlass switches
28-Jun-15 foreguy reroute under anchor chain
30-Jun-15 aft head leak
30-Jun-15 extend turning block for furler
30-Jun-15 fresh water manual pump - leak - bypass
30-Jun-15 pickle watermaker
30-Jun-15 replace bilge pump filter
30-Jun-15 test a/p power - v drop 
30-Jun-15 test a/p solenoid connection
30-Jun-15 test alternator 1
30-Jun-15 water entering bilge
3-Jul-15 alternator troubleshoot/replace
3-Jul-15 cockpit lights 2.0
3-Jul-15 engine coolant overflow bucket - resecure
3-Jul-15 pushpit stanchion - temp rebed
4-Jul-15 chain tensioner - fix
4-Jul-15 replace whale foot pump - Whale Tip Toe Pump
5-Jul-15 reduce lines on binnacle
6-Jul-15 feedpump 1 - replace head WM WM
6-Jul-15 feedpump 2 - replace WM WM
7-Jul-15 port 36 winch - gearbox spline ?
7-Jul-15 Update Triton Display
7-Jul-15 Update Triton Pilot Controller
7-Jul-15 update Zeus Touch
8-Jul-15 speargun repair
9-Jul-15 preventer shackle - shackle seizing
9-Jul-15 saloon fan - stbd side - replace
14-Jul-15 RHIB - temp towing eye
14-Jul-15 speargun - band retainer
18-Jul-15 traveller - cotter pin sheared rigging
19-Jul-15 anchor roller - replace sheared cotter pin
21-Jul-15 hull/Prop clean Monthly Jul-15
21-Jul-15 Engine zinc   30 days 19-Jul-15 Engine
21-Jul-15 Oil cooler zinc  30 days 19-Jul-15 Engine
21-Jul-15 mainfurl - Grease the grease nipple on the aft end of the spar. 2 Mon 19-Jul-15
21-Jul-15 Windlass - bimonthly 2 Mon 19-Jul-15
21-Jul-15 check fuel filter bowls Monthly 26-Jul-15
21-Jul-15 Prop/shaft zincs 2 mon 5-Aug-15
21-Jul-15 Reefer cut-off to 250 psi
21-Jul-15 stove sparker
22-Jul-15 Oil (100 hrs) - approx 7L of Yanmar SAE30 oil 125 4755.4 engine
22-Jul-15 vang - lower clevis pin's cotter pin sheared rigging
22-Jul-15 eye glass fix
23-Jul-15 Trimble GPS pole temp repair
24-Jul-15 anchor roller - stbd cotter pin
24-Jul-15 cockpit lights - adhesive
28-Jul-15 SUP valve o-ring
4-Aug-15 Watermaker carbon filter 6 mon 1-Aug-15 WM
4-Aug-15 Watermaker - differential pressure ? WM WM
4-Aug-15 water maker feedpump - new WM
4-Aug-15 watermaker Clark pump - overhaul by Spectra WM
4-Aug-15 salt water foot pump leak at sink
4-Aug-15 top up coolant
7-Aug-15 grey water tank - not pumping
8-Aug-15 touch up transmission paint
9-Aug-15 check alternator belt tension monthly 4-Aug-15
9-Aug-15 RHIB - short painter with carabiner
9-Aug-15 SUP - cargo net
11-Aug-15 install GPS Babel
11-Aug-15 install SAS Planet
11-Aug-15 RHIB bridle - modify
12-Aug-15 dingy chaps - Velcro ?
12-Aug-15 dodger sewing repair
13-Aug-15 bimini - water proofing 6 mon 1-Aug-15
13-Aug-15 laptop belt
23-Aug-15 cockpit light repair
28-Aug-15 Engine zinc  - replaced engine zinc 30 days 21-Aug-15 Engine
28-Aug-15 Oil cooler zinc  30 days 21-Aug-15 Engine
28-Aug-15 check fuel filter bowls Monthly 21-Aug-15
28-Aug-15 Battery water - aft - 60 days  60 days 27-Aug-15
28-Aug-15 Battery water - fwd - 60 days - no water required 60 days 27-Aug-15
28-Aug-15 dingy rode - retie rope to chain
6-Sep-15 add oil - 1/2 to full
8-Sep-15 cockpit lights
10-Sep-15 third fishing lure ?
11-Sep-15 waterlift muffler repair
12-Sep-15 check alternator belt tension monthly 9-Sep-15
12-Sep-15 fiberglass repairs - cockpit stbd side gelcoat
12-Sep-15 towing line for rhib
19-Sep-15 aft cockpit soft loop for tethers
19-Sep-15 bow anchor light
19-Sep-15 cockpit jackline
19-Sep-15 cockpit light - trim
19-Sep-15 dodger stitching
19-Sep-15 lifeline chafe guards
19-Sep-15 outboard lift rolling hitch replace
19-Sep-15 trim running back lines
19-Sep-15 trim staysail sheets 
21-Sep-15 outboard fuel filter - leak
22-Sep-15 Prop/shaft zincs 2 mon 21-Sep-15
22-Sep-15 outboard 15hp - spark plugs replaced
25-Sep-15 engine zinc - new one to test size.  Old one was fine
25-Sep-15 outboard - carb cleaning
25-Sep-15 outboard - clamp feet install
25-Sep-15 outboard - impellor replacement
25-Sep-15 outboard - new fuel filter oring
25-Sep-15 outboard - will not run at higher idle
26-Sep-15 aft gps mount bolt. Lower
26-Sep-15 fan - port side aft cabin
26-Sep-15 fan - port side aft cabin
26-Sep-15 outboard - check starter cord
26-Sep-15 outboard clamp feet replacement
28-Sep-15 Lubricate steering chain 6 mon 1-Sep-15 Lazerrete
28-Sep-15 Oil cooler zinc  30 days 28-Sep-15 Engine
28-Sep-15 check fuel filter bowls Monthly 28-Sep-15
28-Sep-15 RHIB - kill switch corrosion
28-Sep-15 stainless steel clean
29-Sep-15 compass temp repair
30-Sep-15 chart table cushion sewing sewing
30-Sep-15 rhib seat bag sewing sewing
30-Sep-15 SUP cover sewing sewing
1-Oct-15 mainfurl - Grease the grease nipple on the aft end of the spar. 2 Mon 21-Sep-15 Grease
1-Oct-15 Windlass - bimonthly 2 Mon 21-Sep-15 Grease
1-Oct-15 Windlass Service - preseason service - every 6 mon 6 mon Oct-15 Grease
1-Oct-15 Outboard 15 hp greasing 6 mon 1-Oct-15
1-Oct-15 hull dent - port side near ladder
1-Oct-15 hull dent - stbd side fwd from RHIB ?
1-Oct-15 outboard fuel valve adjust
1-Oct-15 windlass - fishing line stuck ?
2-Oct-15 AIS corrosion control plugs
2-Oct-15 bimini - respray
2-Oct-15 clean dodger solar
5-Oct-15 Pressure water filter 3 mon 8-Aug-15
5-Oct-15 rhib - bridle redo splicing splicing
5-Oct-15 spear tip weld ss ss
5-Oct-15 Clean reefer filter
5-Oct-15 Defrost reefer/clean fridge
6-Oct-15 second preventer line on boom splicing splicing
8-Oct-15 teak seam and bung near swim ladder - discolouration and weak calking ? CSM Berth teak
8-Oct-15 cockpit cushions - new aft one sewing sewing
8-Oct-15 staysail temp repair sewing sewing
9-Oct-15 teak bungs - bungs - stbd fwd CSM Berth teak
9-Oct-15 2hp fresh water flush
9-Oct-15 engine pan clean
9-Oct-15 furler - add wraps
9-Oct-15 heat exchanger - hose fitting fwd - hint of slight leak
11-Oct-15 teak bungs - port fwd teak teak
12-Oct-15 teak deck clean CSM Berth teak
12-Oct-15 upper deck clean CSM Berth
12-Oct-15 clean and corrosion control blocks, shackles, tracks
13-Oct-15 hull/Prop clean Monthly 21-Aug-15
13-Oct-15 Lubricate steering cable 6 mon 1-Sep-15 Lazerrete
13-Oct-15 Autopilot - check bolt torque 3 mon 19-Sep-15 Lazerrete
13-Oct-15 Steering cable tightness - check quarterly 3 mon 19-Sep-15 Lazerrete
13-Oct-15 Battery water - aft - 60 days 60 days 28-Oct-15
13-Oct-15 check fuel filter bowls Monthly 28-Oct-15
13-Oct-15 Battery water - start battery - 60 days 60 days 13-Dec-15
13-Oct-15 cockpit cushions - patch old one sewing sewing
13-Oct-15 heater troubleshoot
13-Oct-15 tighten battery connections
14-Oct-15 battery equalization - 3 hrs to 14.52V 1.255SG at 90F therefore 1.259SG +/- 0.005 variance between cells
15-Oct-15 dingy chaps - modify sewing sewing
16-Oct-15 CO monitor
16-Oct-15 ferrites - autopilot - cct panel and steering cabinet
17-Oct-15 Honda generator - rethread pull cord
17-Oct-15 ssb - line isolator to coax and ferrites to power and pactor assy cables
18-Oct-15 clean mast track and mcclube track
18-Oct-15 rig inspection 
18-Oct-15 stbd spin halyard block - replace
19-Oct-15 redo GTO15 connection to backstay
20-Oct-15 fishing shock cord
21-Oct-15 clean speed sensor
29-Oct-15 Battery water - fwd - 60 days 60 days 28-Oct-15
29-Oct-15 check fuel filter bowls Monthly 13-Nov-15
29-Oct-15 chartplotter plugs
30-Oct-15 check alternator belt tension 25 4696 engine
30-Oct-15 alternator x 3 and starter - check wiring 125 4734 engine
30-Oct-15 engine air filter check 125 4734 engine
30-Oct-15 Autopilot power - 8 AWG power cables to AC42.  Ground led to negative post directly. ap ap
30-Oct-15 replace WM filter WM WM
30-Oct-15 crankcase ventilation hose leak
30-Oct-15 replace hose clamp - water lift muffler
30-Oct-15 WM Flush filter - leak
31-Oct-15 genoa furler - replace 90 degree block
31-Oct-15 solar panel support - port side
31-Oct-15 top up oil
1-Nov-15 calibrate barometer at Suva
1-Nov-15 spin sock detangle
1-Nov-15 staysail - support strap
2-Nov-15 hull/prop clean - slime
2-Nov-15 polish dodger windows
4-Nov-15 sink drain failure
5-Nov-15 outboard prop
6-Nov-15 Engine zinc   30 days 25-Oct-15 Engine
6-Nov-15 engine water strainer 30 days 28-Oct-15 Engine
6-Nov-15 Oil cooler zinc  30 days 28-Oct-15 Engine
6-Nov-15 cockpit stbd side - epoxy dent
6-Nov-15 MMSI Handheld
6-Nov-15 resplice safety line for rhib
7-Nov-15 watermaker flush system - replace filter bowl
7-Nov-15 Chart table laptop belt mod

At the end of the "fixing" season in New Zealand I will publish the output from the spreadsheet at that point.  Should be a longer list but with some nice upgrades to Fluenta.

Thankfully, most of the season was not spent on maintenance !

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  1. I am love envious of your spreadsheet organization! Happy 2016!


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