Saturday 3 October 2015

Namena Marine Reserve - Sea Life

Of course, the highlight of the Namena Marine Reserve  is the sea life.  In our short time there Tim and I dove on "Chimneys" and "Grand Central".  Liz, Deanne, Victoria and I also did a short snorkelling trip on the west end of the island as well.

Amazing to see the difference no fishing makes: compared to our snorkelling only 25 nm away there were significantly more and larger fish.

Some pictures:

Soft coral

No lack of small fish

A snorkel-mouthed victoria fish

None of my shark photos seem to be much good this season.  A grey reef shark in the distance ...

There were lots of large grouper.  Here two amble by knowing they are in a marine reserve.

Can you see the octopus ?  He was flashing white and blue.

The Exodus boys on the hooka. 

More soft coral

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