Sunday 4 October 2015

Bua Bay and Coconut Point and More Maintenance in Exotic Locations

On our way to Savusavu we broke up the trip by having short stops in Bua Bay and Coconut Point.

Bua Bay was nice and relaxing after our somewhat tenuous anchorage on the east side of Yadua.  Great protection from the sea, shallow, no reefs and tons of swing room.  Minor downside ... no access beyond the mangroves so this was just a spot to let the winds calm down a bit before heading further south.

Coconut Point was also a short stop on the way after a few hours in classic wind against tide unpleasantness..  Not as much room to anchor but still solid in the more settled conditions.  Coconut Point has an important ferry terminal so it was a bit busy and noisy with the comings and goings.

Bua Bay - Not as pretty as Yadua but I slept better

Great holding in thick mud - Johnathan cleaning the anchor chain.

Bua Bay to Coconut Point - Classic wind against tide conditions straight into wind between the reefs

Meanwhile Benjamin doesn't care about the seas.  He has the iPad.

Arrived Coconut Point - time for a swim

Benjamin's playground

Of course we went spearfishing ... Tim got a coral trout.  

We are anchored just downwind from the ferry dock so a tad noisy

Time for maintenance - Victoria whipping lines.

Of course we needed a jackline between Exodus and Fluenta.

Not fair says Benjamin

More maintenance in exotic locations - dyneema chafe guards for the lifelines

Liz repairing our dodger while Benjamin tests the electronics.

More walu !

Great filleting by Victoria

Creative location for chin-ups


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