Thursday 30 July 2015

Yanuca Island in Beqa Lagoon - Photos

After Gau we headed to Beqa Lagoon.

Johnathan leading the way into Beqa Lagoon.

I need more sleep.  A busy night dodging so many Chinese fishing boats.

Leading the way but looking the wrong way ...

Sailing across the lagoon.

The anchorage at Yanuca.  Exodus and Nirvana are already there.

Liz leading us into the anchorage.

Heading to the village for sevusevu with Gary and Julie from Nirvana

The beach just before sunset


Internet ! 3G if we put the iPad in the right spot on the boat.

The weather has not been great so the girls design and make dresses.  Fein from Nautilus being very brave as Victoria puts in pins.
Gigi's new dress in progress.

While Johnathan and I do the oil change.
Johnathan repairing his favourite shorts.

People talk about cruising being "maintenance in exotic locations" but for us it is also "diapers in exotic locations".  Lots of rain - which is handy without a functioning watermaker - so diaper cleaning time.

Johnathan hauls up saltwater for the diapers.

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