Thursday 23 July 2015

Diving and Snorkelling - Gau

The main motivation from anchoring off the south pass of Gau was the diving and snorkelling.

We went snorkelling as a family a few times and as SV Caminante has a dive compressor so I have also been able to do some diving in the south pass of Gau with the crews of Caminate, Nautilus and Exodus.  Again, lots of sharks including a pregnant grey shark, huge schools of barracuda and trevally, big groupers plus colourful soft coral.

I took a lot of video on the GoPro as well but we do have the bandwidth to upload it (nor do I have the patience to edit it into something worth uploading.
I see you
Gustaf chases a shark with his camera

Lots of trevally


and more sharks.

Flipping out ?


This remora followed us for awhile.


Victoria heading down for a closer look

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