Thursday 9 April 2015

Visits and Visiting in New Zealand

Despite our short time in New Zealand we have been fortunate to have both sets of Grandparents visit as well as my cousin Caroline and her husband Jamie.
Whangarei Falls with my parents.

Checking out the caves with my parents.

Granny and Grandpa and the kids.
Benjamin in the park beside the boat with Grampy

To the Bird Sanctuary with Grammy

Surfs Up (sort of)

Johnanthan and I climb to get a view over a beach near Whangarei

Victoria taking Grampy for a row.

Johnathan out in Trickle

Yoga on the board.

The Fleet !

Not only did we get visitors we also go to go visiting a little bit.  One of the treats was to visit the sculpture Carin Wilson, a friend of Jamie and Caroline, at his amazing art studio on a mountain top.  We enjoyed the view and company but the kids I think especially enjoyed working in the workshop with "Uncle" Jamie.
The view from the studio
And, most importantly, the workshop with Uncle Jamie !

Relaxing in the serenity of Caroline and Jamie's house.

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