Tuesday 7 April 2015

Glassblowing and Slingshots

A busy "day off" a few Sundays ago ...  Victoria has been watching the local glassblower working almost every day.  They only offer lessons for adults but after a few weeks Keith the glassblower came by to see if Victoria would be interested .. silly question ...

A few photos from her hours in the workshop.

Victoria glass blowing

Victoria shaping the glass
Preparing to add colour


Heating the glass

Safety First - Relax and Stay Calm ...

Preparing to shape the glass

Oops - stopped spinning for second

Smoothing the colour

Grinding the next day

The finished products ! 

Meanwhile, Johnathan and I checked out his new slingshot earned for finishing a big section of math.  No ducks were harmed in the process.

Benjamin had fun playing with Grammy and Grammpy in the park ...  No slingshots for him yet.

Ha ha

Victoria writing up a report, with diagrams, of the glass blowing workshop.  Fluenta in the background - the Canadian flag is just visible.  Benjamin is of course helping ...

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