Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Yoyaging with Kids and Yachting World

Occasionally we receive questions from families that are looking to head out cruising.  One of the families that provided the most guidance for us as we started was Jamie and Behan on Totem.  They, along with two other cruisers, have now published a book - Voyaging with Kids - that is getting great reviews.  Liz was asked to contribute a few sidebars on baby related issues such as diapers and breastfeeding.  The book is available here and it published by Lin and Larry Pardey,

In other news ... our friend Jess from SY Adamaster has been published prolifically in a wide range of sailing publications.  You can see Liz quoted in Jess's recent article in Yachting World.

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  1. Thanks Max! Liz's contributions answer important questions about taking a baby cruising - something your family knows really really well! Very cool about the YW article, too. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Shameless plug: interested readers for "Voyaging With Kids" can buy me a beer when purchasing through my Amazon Assoc. link; book costs the same of course, but this poor writer gets a little perk.


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