Friday, 23 October 2015

Passage to Paradise (Well, Paradise Resort anyway)

We enjoyed our time in Savusavu but it was time to get moving again.  My parents live in Taveuni for part of the year so we had an opportunity to see them and "deliver" them from Savusavu to Taveuni.  Thankfully the messy weather from the South Pacific Convergence Zone sorted itself out and the Tropical Depression went away and fizzled so it was off to sea again but in the calmest conditions we have seen in Fiji.

Stop one about 46 nm out of Savusavu was Paradise Resort on the southern tip of Taveuni.  It is very pretty facility and the staff are very friendly.  Very yacht friendly too.  It was fun to visit as well as we were here eight years ago visiting my parents well before any notion of heading out on a boat.

Arrival in Paradise

A parking spot by the pool please.

No spearfishing here.


A nice dinner by the water with my parents

and of course, the kids keep reading.

Driving the bus the next day up the Somosomo Strait

My parents looking for the anchorage.

While Johnathan reads ... (yes, I am rather behind in my varnishing ...)

And Victoria does crocheting.  

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