Sunday, 26 July 2015

Fulanga Photos

Liz has already reported in detail about our stay in Fulanga but here are a few photos and then a few more (and then a few more)  ...

Mother - Daughter Reef Lookout Team

Always someone on the bow when we move around in a lagoon.  Someone went aground in the pass when we were there even though they had a good lookout so you cannot be too vigilant. 

Returning from doing our first sevusevu

More adventures in extreme nursing.

Reef lookout duty

Heading back from sevusevu in the village with us in our bula gear
Victoria chatting in the village.

Hurrah - we meet up with Exodus again.

and Johnathan is up another tree

and Liz is leading yoga on the beach.

Yoga ! (Exodus Photo)
and it is a nice beach
And Victoria and Gigi out in Tickle (Exodus photo)

and some cruising mums as well (Exodus photo)!
Benjamin on the prowl.

and more "maintenance in exotic locations".  Coaxing the watermaker to give us a few more gallons.

Gary discussing boat design and fabrication with Victoria.

Hiding under one of the overhanging islands on my SUP to wait out some of the squall

Nirvana at anchor.

One of the nice things about travelling by SUP is that you can see all the sea life clearly below you.

The day before I could surf the standing wave at this spot.

Hmm ... I think this could be an interesting SUP trip.

Another amazing lunch with our hosts

Salote and Lisa - our amazing hosts.

Always time for lego in exotic location,

Benjamin  is convinced he can start the outboard,

Hunting for mud crabs for lunch.
Lunch !
The Feast

The Feast

The Feast

Uncovering the lovo

Johnathan was picked to get the only coconut crab we caught.

The fish they netted.

Weaving lessons

Weaving lessons

and some programming time back on the boat. Debugging the game Victoria wrote.

and where did I leave my machete ?
Kids' Camp - No Adults Allowed.
Kids' Camp (Exodus Photo)
Kids Camp (Exodus photo)
Of course we need a bow and arrow competition ! (Exodus photo)
and dressmaking ... (Exodus photo)

Old and New in the Village

Benjamin goes for a swim.

and drives the RHIB

More of our awesome host family.

Party time in the village.

and another amazing meal !

The kids ready for the singing competition.

Kava time

more kava time.

Roti lessons

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