Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Passage Preparations (Continued) and life in Mexico (Also Continued ...)

The intention is to weigh anchor today from Punta de Mita and head to the Marquesas.  The next series of blog updates will be done over our high frequency radio so no photos for awhile (The HF/Pactor combo gives us at best about 2 kbaud - for those that remember dialup that was at 56 kbaud).

We had intended to leave weeks ago but there just has not been a good weather window until now to get off the Mexican coast and get out to the trade winds.  It does look today so we will leave once the sea breeze picks up and sail on looks like it will be a close reach in 9 to 12 kts of wind to just north of the Socorro Islands (about 325 nm) and then head towards what is our best guess of an entry point for the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) at 5N 130W.

Provisioning is done and then redone as the delays mounted.  Diesel and gasoline topped up. We now sit a few inches deeper in the water.

Predeparture picture

Family Photo
We took the time to sort out some plumbing issues, get Tony at Morelli sails to modify our mainsail and we put in a new starter battery.  Also, we had a chance to be tourists for a change and went to the zoo, did some surfing and such.

Sailing with my Dad just before we had a humpback whale surfaces less than a boat length away.

Baby in a bucket

Johnathan and I heading out to do some surfing

Jump, jump, jump !

The continued adventures in Mexican bureaucracy  

Benjamin and I studying an old Heavy Weather book we found in the Cruisers Lounge.

Oh my says Benjamin, where are we going to put all this food

Immunization time with the nice ladies in Bucerias

Victoria helping us organise the ditch bags

Some snoozing and reading time too.

Back from the Mar y Sol market

Monkey Business 1

Monkey Business 2

More jumping around

Potatoes and Carrots will advance in review order, by the center, quick march !

Debugging our GFCI plug - turns out this is where our new bug friends had been living.

Apples, form up !

Packaged up and ready to stow.


Kids sleep over at Punta de Mita

Galley Duty

One of new shiny solar panels with La Cruz in the background.

Merle on the foredeck at sunrise in Punta de Mita

Surf Training for Benjamin


  1. Fair winds, following seas! Elizabeth should be able to solve your HF internet issues with her eyes closed!

  2. Love the photos and the description of your final days before casting off. Bien Viaje!! We will be following your passage blogs. So excited for you all! Nancy and Rob

  3. Good luck guys. We'll be watching with interest.
    John and Christa

  4. It is with a good envy I wish you safe travels and favorable winds to the Marquesas. I also ask Neptune to spare you the events and crucifixion that the Rebel Heart family endured. Have fun and I look forward to checking in on you as you cross the Pacific.

  5. Unfortunately, it seems you've lost a few marbles along the way and have started calling drill to vegetables. So long as they don't start answering you all will be ok.

    A trip of a lifetime ahead of you! Can't wait to follow your journey. Fair winds and following seas to you all. I am jealous of your adventures. Moving to Gander this summer, hoping to make that big step and buy our first sailboat.


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