Friday, 25 April 2014

Into the Trades

Looks like we are in the trade winds now. After a bouncy night with winds forward of the beam at up to 19 kts in a confused sea the winds all of a sudden swung around to behind us and reduced to a between 7 and 10 kts. It was a slow spinnaker run today but a lot smoother. Funny to go from having to reef to stop Fluenta going up to her hull speed to now having to eke out every bit of energy from the wind.

Planning to stay north of 12N until 121W based on what we see in the gribs and based on what Windcutter's weather router (a weather service you can can hire to assist with passage planning) advised. Windcutter is sailing in approximately the same chunk of ocean with us so we are occasionally in VHF range.

School is still adjourned until everybody gets their sea legs but the kids are going through their books quickly.



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