Monday 7 December 2020

Fluenta appearing in 48 North Magazine

Rather an understatement but the blog has been a bit neglected as we have become busy with "land life".  We still liveboard but work and school take up a lot of our time now.  I at least work and volunteer in the marine industry so I still am connected to the sea but it is not the same as full time cruising.  We did have time to be interviewed by Andy Cross of 48 North awhile ago though.

I have fond memories of reading copies of 48 North magazine when we lived in BC 14 years ago.  Then, as we traveled it was great to read it on-line - especially the articles from our friends with Fluenta's sistership, Totem.  It is pretty cool therefore for us to have our very own Fluenta featured in the "My Boat"column of the December 2020 issue of 48 North. 

Depending on what platform you are using to read the blog you might be able to read the article below or download the magazine here and find us on page 26.



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