Sunday, 16 December 2018

Moce Fiji and How To Track Fluenta.

Hard to believe but Fluenta is leaving Fiji after 2.5 seasons of visits over the last four years.  As we are heading north we are sad that we are unlikely to revisit this beautiful country with its lovely friendly people anytime soon.  We did cover a bit of ground in Fiji though. Below is a screenshot of our Yachts in Transit posts over the last four years.  Still so many places we missed !

We will be heading north soon but you will be able to to follow our progress in two ways.  You will notice at the top of the blog you can see our position on the Predictwind tracker.   I only just fixed the html for this so I hope it continues to work.    You can also click on the link here -> Predictwind Tracking page to get a full screen version of the chart.  Interestingly, in the new version you can also view the weather that we are forecast to be seeing at the time.

If you select the 'options' in the upper left corner the menu shown here in the middle appears.  If you select one of the three weather arrows you can see what weather the forecast thinks we are experiencing.  You can also toggle between a map or satellite view.

The tracking page with weather overlay selected.  We are at the red dot.
There is a new functionality in Predictwind Offshore enabling us to posts notes on the tracking page too.  More to follow after we test how it works for us.

As we have done for the last few years, we will usually post updates to Yachts in Transit daily on passage and when we change anchorages .  Our page on Yachts in Transit is here.

We will shortly be beyond the world of normal internet.  Facebook has changed a lot of its policies so we are no longer able to post to Facebook remotely nor are our Yachts in Transit posts being mirrored on Facebook.  We will still post directly to the blog with our Iridium Go.

As in previous years, a reminder that if you notice that the tracking is not working please do not revert to "panic stations".  There are all sorts of technical and operator issues that could cause the systems to not work.  If we do have an actual emergency we will activate the EPIRB(s) and PLB(s), use the SOS buttons on the Iridium Handheld or Go and/or call RCC directly.

Moce, Vinaka vaka levu Fiji for all the good times.


  1. Over a quarter of a million page views; guys!! When's the Rolex, Volvo and B&G sponsorship coming?

  2. Great idea. With all the money we have spent on B&G gear they should sponsor us.



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