Monday 17 September 2018

Reef Photos

As family we spend a fair amount of time in the water snorkeling or spearfishing.  This year I have tried to take more detailed photos of what we see.  Here are some of the photos of the small fish and coral on the reefs.  Leopard sharks to follow in a later post.

Little fish are hard to photograph freediving as they just do not stay still and cooperate.
The kids are easy to photography even if they too rarely stay still
My favourite Christmas Tree Worm photo to date.
More Christmas Tree Worms.  If you get too close they close up.

Giant clam

Coral close-up

Soft coral.

Details of a starfish.

Coral close-up
Coral close-up

Coral close-up

More giant clam



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    1. Thanks John and Sue. Your trips in the powerboat this summer looked like fun.




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