Tuesday 9 May 2017

Maloelap WWII Sites - Underwater

In the previous blog post I showed some photos from our time on land Maloelap.  Of course, below the surface there are various ships and, rumour has it, aircraft.  Using Matt's 2006 report we dove on three Japanese ships that had been converted to warships.  All three ships are within free diving depth so I did not bother with the dive gear. 

The ships we dove on were:

- Tarushima Maru: it was rumour to still have live depth charges but as much as I searched I do not think they are still onboard.  I did find the depth charge track though and checked in the hold below the track to no avail.
- Seisho Maru:  Either this ship or Kaikou Maru was rumoured to have a carried Zamperini, an American Olympian turned airman.  He was a  downed US pilot who drifted in a liferaft for 46 days, only to drift into Japanese hands at Maloelap.  His story is chronicled in "Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption."
- “Kaikou Maru

Johnathan diving down for a closer look
Deeper down ....
Depth charge track and exit point off the transom.
Matt's photo showed a depth charge right here but I did not find them
Well secured on the bollards.
The steering compartment of the Tarushima Maru
And the other end of the steering compartment - the rudder and propellor

Stairway to nowhere.
Lots of natural life to see as well.  A giant clam.

Victoria checking out a Christmas Tree worm she spotted.  How she spotted it I have no idea. I have a good video of it that someday should find its way to the blog.
Of course, anchoring with the coral bommies around we buoy the chain to reduce the wear and tear on the reef and our anchor tackle.  Reduces dramas when it is time to leave too !
Bye !

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  1. Nothing but awesomeness-lol. Fantastic pictures and so darn clear. I guess that's what that part of the ocean looks like for most of the year.


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