Saturday 9 April 2016

The Big NZ Road Trip Photo - Pt 9 - Back to North Island - Kaitoke, Rotorua and Auckland.

Liz with one of the primary authors of Yoyaging With Kids.  We finally got to see a copy of the book and the sidebar that Liz wrote.

We had the great fortune to camp with the nice folks formerly of SV Wondertime.  They are now travelling NZ by RV.  The kids playing with the kids at Kaitoke.

After the tent collapsed again we moved into the lee of these trees and added a few more lines ...

"Rivendell" from the Lord of the Rings

Burp ! Boiling mud in Rotarua

Free hot pool in Rotura

Heading north.  Stormy Point

Fishing lessons from Uncle Jamie in Auckland

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