Tuesday 8 March 2016

The Big NZ Road Trip Photos - Pt 6 - Queenstown and jumping off perfectly good bridges.

Alas, it was time to move south and leave the mountains and head towards Queenstown.  Queenstown in the summer - and especially during Chinese Year - can be manic.  I do not like manic so we found a great DOC campsite called Moke Lake.

Heading south

Catching up on school reports.

Getting closer to Queenstown

Escaping the crazyness of Queenstown.  The dirt road to Lake Moke camp

The view from the tent.
Victoria doing her Grade 7 Writing Assessment

The kid preparing breakfast again.

Victoria's tent.

Calm for now.

Wherever we go ... so go our diapers ...

Alas, it did remain calm forever ... after our tent got knocked down in the gusts we put it up in a more sheltered location (after splinting some of the poles and one of the brackets).

The NZ Championships for gunboot tossing.  The NZ egg toss/catch record was also set: 60m

Running of the wools, of course.  Even the sheep here wear the ever fashionable and practical merino wool.

The kids enjoying the Rural Games

Under 20 seconds to shear a sheep.  Amazing.

Building a toolbox at the Rural Games.
Our own running of the wools.
We did end up doing some of the Queenstown activities though.  For my birthday I got to try bungy jumping (video to follow eventually) and the family got to do the zip line.

Perfectly good bridge

Jumping off perfectly good bridge


Zip line
Zip line.

Benjamin rather upset at the age limits. No bungy jumping for him for a few years (Actually, he was happy until he saw Liz zoom past on the zipline).

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