Friday 25 September 2015

Spearfishing School

I have been pretty lucky this year to spend some time spearfishing with some experienced and keen spearos especially Tim from Exodus and Gary from Nirvana.  I still have lots to learn but making some progress.  Liz has written a bit about fishing but here are some photos:

The big dogtooth tuna that Tim shot but five sharks took most of it.  The head and flesh back to the pectoral fins weighed 35 lbs.  The walu I am holding I shot but the head of my spear came off after hitting it so Tim had to chase it and shoot it again. (Exodus photo)

The next day Brendan, aged 12, got a walu and I got the large one I am holding.  I was very glad to have Tim there to help haul it in !

We decided that we would share the smaller walu between our two boats and give the bigger one to the village.  They said it was the biggest one they had ever seen.

The village headman, Mele, holding the walu

The Fijians are rather faster at processing fish than we are: Mele using a cane knife to chop the fish.

Very much enjoying the challenge of spearfishing and still lots to learn.  Even on the days I do not get a fish, which have been plenty, it is still an amazing experience.  It is also a chance to go snorkeling in places and times you would likely not go for "just" snorkeling: long, rough dingy rides, five hour swims, crazy currents etc.  We also get to go to reefs that seem untouched and see lots of marine wildlife,  Lots of sharks of course - normally white tip reef and grey - but also two hammerheads and one oceanic black tip (I think).  Lots of sea turtles and rays too which seem not too concerned by our presence.

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