Tuesday 8 July 2014

Camping, Trickle and Tacos.


Yesterday morning, I was enjoying a lovely, quiet coffee in my cockpit, minding my own business, when into my solitude burst two very excited little people. The camping crew were overflowing with pride and excitement. Johnathan had slept the entire night in his shelter, and Victoria had provided biscuits-on-a-stick for the whole group. Max had a super-comfortable (but short) sleep in our new La Cruz Market double hammock. Who needs solitude when you have stories like this to share? They had seen "loads" of rats (thankfully smallish cute ones, not huge Halifax Harbour ones!) and had even trapped a gecko to bring back (although it had somehow disappeared on the dingy ride to the boat). The first night of camping was a great success, and will likely be repeated, perhaps as early as tomorrow evening.

The rest of yesterday was pretty quiet, as no one had gotten much sleep... This morning, for the first time since leaving Mexico, I suggested to Victoria that she make tortillas for lunch. She loves to use the tortilla press that we bought there, but I had forgotten what a slow process this would be when they need to get cooked one tortilla at a time! Victoria had a great time, though: she made a little restaurant menu, and we all ordered various kinds of quesadilla from her, then she cooked them to order. Even Benjamin ate his fill :) She is feeling very lonesome for the Red Chairs in La Cruz!

Although we woke today to steady winds of 20 kts, it died down by the late afternoon to a lovely breeze of 5-7 kts: perfect Trickle weather. Once again I was proud mama, as I watched Max in the "safety boat" and each child in turn sailing singlehandedly. Victoria even did a "race course" around the three boats at anchor, just to give herself a challenge. Meanwhile, Johnathan convinced Max to tow him behind the dingy on the boogie board when it wasn't his turn in Trickle. What a look of glee I saw on his face as he flew by! They needed a little coaching to start with, they were soon handling Trickle with confidence. Victoria, especially, sails Trickle as if it is an extension of her body.

It looks like this weather will hold for a few days, so we will probably spend tomorrow at the beach (gecko hunting? camping?) and sailing Trickle.

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