Friday 23 May 2014

More photos from the passage and Fatu Hiva

My birthday party at sea

The boat Victoria made for my birthday - note that it made from elastics.

Marlin caught on a hand line.  Note the mess on deck ...  Took awhile to clean

Biology Lesson

Spinnaker up and laundry out.

Passage Treats from friends.

Crossing the line ceremony

King Neptune - Crossing the line ceremony

Crossing the line ceremony

Sunset squalls

Land Ahoy !

Searching for land

Fatu Hiva (with a small forest fire to welcome us)
Fatu Hiva
Yes, more Fatu Hiva ...

One of Benjamin's first foods - Pamplemousse.

Fatu Hiva Anchorage

Fatu Hiva

Kayaking with the local kids.

The Tiki guiding the way to the waterfall

Nice simple path to the waterfall

Not on passage anymore ...


  1. continually awed by your journey

  2. Hello chaps; Nice pictures and stories have been following your progress. We have a mob of children in roughly the same proportions and will be heading off cruising this summer from the UK, so I read your contributions will great interest. I cannot but help look at the pictures and think “oooh, they have a hard dink and a RIB, maybe we need a RIB” or “Solar, more solar, I need more solar” etc. Looks like you are having fun and we wish you well. We will be on or Dark Horse Schooner Facebook, when we get going. But Interweb at 20 bucks an hour I don’t suppose you will be looking much.


  3. Happy (late) birthday Max I would have made an elastic tender for your sailboat but I lack the dexterity. Best wishes to all John


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