Monday 8 April 2013

Passage towards La Paz

Heading north west with intentions of La Paz. About half of the 400nm are completed. Boat moving nicely at around 7 kts on a close reach on the rhumb line. More wind than forecast but not having to motor as much as we expected.

Leaving Bandaras Bay was impressive. Whales within several hundred feet, lots of turtles, dolphins and porpoises. Two fishing lines out but nothing caught yet. Liz got to see the dolphins playing in the bioluminesence on her watch.
At 18/11/2012 06:54 (utc) our position was 23°13.80'N 107°19.92'W

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  1. Landfall here, hoping for a great trip for you guys!

  2. how is your trip? thinking of you. enjoy the sailing while we are up north.

    cyn and john
    s/v alcyone


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