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Belated 50th Anniversary Trip to Fiji Adventure

The crew at the ever lovely Paradise Resort
It was not practical to fly back to Halifax for Liz's parent's 50th wedding anniversary so it was nice they could fly out to Fiji to join Fluenta Cruise Lines for a three week adventure with us.

Liz took a taxi up to Lambasa to pick them up and deliver her parents to Fluenta at the Copra Shed in Savusavu.  We spent a few wet days in Savusavu (1 on the cart below) before heading out.

We had never been to Dakuniba Bay (2) before and it was within a day's sail of Savusavu so that was our first destination.  We anchored in the very sheltered bay of Nasasobu right in front of George's house.  George's grandfather was a successful boatbuilder and sailor who settled his family in the bay when George was a baby. He hosted us ashore and we were delighted we could host his young family onboard Fluenta for dinner one night.  Of course, we dingied into the neighbouring village in Dakuniba for sevusevu and then back again the next day for church.  According to some of the ladies we were the first kaivalagi (white folk) to attend the church in their 20 year's of going to the church.  As often happens, we were hosted by a family before church and then invited to a feast afterwards followed by a yaqona session.

A few days later we took the rather tight inside route - between the island and the barrier reef - around to anchor off Dolphin Bay (3) resort to visit ashore (our first time there in 11 years) and to go snorkelling. And drink more kava ...

From there we went to the lovely Paradise Resort (4) on the south tip of Taveuni for the much belated 50th Anniversary celebration.  We had a relaxing few days there enjoying the nice resort, the excellent staff and great food.

Finally, we sailed back to Savusavu.

A screenshot from our Predictwind Tracking page showing the trip with Liz's parents: (1) Savusavu, (2) Nasasobu, (3) Dolphin Bay, (4) Paradise Resort.
Liz's parent arrived and were quickly put to work.  Here Johnathan and Wendall install Liz's much anticipated Lee Valley magnetic knife rack.

Wendall lying down on the job again.

and supervising Johnathan's cutting

Still some time for chess

and checking out the pearl farm

and the local market.  This is our friend Lisey from Tuvalu.

And, of course, eating at Arun's Taste of Hidden Paradise !

The entrance to Dakuniba and Nasasobu.  Note that the charts are off by about 600 ft - the red route is what Navionics and C-Map show as the entrance. You can also see the inside passage to Viani Bay to the south.

A day's sail away from Savusavu makes such a difference.  We anchored in the very protected bay at Nasasobu and were welcome by George and his family.

George was an amazing host.  When he heard that the kids love fruits he made regular deliveries from their extensive plantation.

We were so glad we could have his family over to Fluenta for dinner.

Dinner onboard Fluenta.

George's uncle, David, showing us lemon grass for tea with Fluenta anchored in the background.

Heading ashore to do our Sevusevu.  The Sevusevu is the Fijian traditional ceremony where one asks permission to visit a village through the presentation of kava.  We make sure we sevusevu whenever we go to a new village.  While some cruisers begrudge the tradition we actually like it as it provides a great opportunity to meet the key people in the village and ask lots of questions.

Sevusevu with the chief at Dakuniba

Not the easiest commute. A long walk through the mud flats from the dingy to the village.

Benjamin post-sevusevu in the village.  Johnathan, Benjamin and I have sulus for church and sevusevu.

We went back into Dakuniba for church the next day.  We were quite early so Ilitia invited us to his house to rest before church.  The villagers were fascinated with Jean's knitting.

and they kept us well supplied with coconuts.

and more coconuts.

of course, while we were lounging around the ladies in the village were cooking.

After church, we were invited back to a feast celebrating a baby's birthday.

After church, we were invited back to a feast celebrating a baby's birthday.

and a bigger audience for the knitting

While Liz and the ladies did the dishes.
while the men hung around and drank kava.

After Dakuniba we moved further along the island through the inside passage to Dolphin Bay Resort.  This is a not a village but rather a resort so no sevusevu is required.  We still drank some kava though !  Liz and I stayed here 11 years ago when visiting my parents for the first time in Fiji.

Kava time.

Fancy breakfast onboard with real maple syrup brought in from Halifax (funny story to the syrup as much of the text is in Arabic - A Nova Scotian syrup producer - Hutchinsons - was put into a rather "sticky situation" during the diplomatic row between Canada and Saudi Arabia as a massive order was cancelled.  Nova Scotians rallied and bought up the whole order.  Now one of their bottles is in Fiji and on its way to the Marshall Islands)

A belated celebration of their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Sonny, one of our favourite characters at Paradise Resort, "borrowed" this sign from table setting for some actual newly weds staying at the resort

More amazing food at Paradise.

To celebrate Johnathan's birthday we of course went dingy surfing.

Final dinner at the Captains Table at the Copra Shed after a nice tour of the islands.
Fluenta moored off Paradise Resort.

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