Sunday, 27 August 2017

Mt Yasur Volcano !

At long last we made it to the famous Mt Yasur volcano on Tanna Island.  Rather an easier access than Ambrym as it is set up for tourists and it is an amazing natural show.  The photos do not do it justice as the deep bass explosions with each eruption could not be captured on video let alone photos.

Boom !

But before you can see the volcano you have to get there.  A lot more comfortable than the hike on Ambrym but perhaps still not in accordance with health and safety standards in some countries.

And then the (rather bored looking) chief is asked for permission.  He is not actually a chief but this part of Vanuatu is set up for the tourists so it is a demonstration of the customs.

The chief pondering the request while holding the gift of kava root.

One of the young dancers. (Johnathan photo).

More dancing (Johnathan photo).

More dancing (Johnathan photo).

More dancing (Johnathan photo).

More dancing (Johnathan photo).

The first eruption of ash after we hiked to the top.

Peering, carefully, into the crater

The viewing platform ... Mind the gap.

Peering down into the closest crater

The volcano at night

The volcano at night

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