Sunday, 6 August 2017

Efate - Underwater Photos

We usually do a bit of snorkelling where ever we are anchored but did more in Efate than elsewhere in Vanuatu. These are photos from our pretty anchorage off the north west tip of Lepepa Island and then from Mele Bay near the Hideaway Resort

I must have taken hundreds of clownfish photos.  They are quite territorial so will come up and challenge you if you swim down to see them

Peak-a-boo.  A clownfish watches from its usual habitat - the anemone.  They have an interesting symbiotic relationship with the anemone.

Clownfish checking out the strange snorkelmouthed fish intruding in his neighbourhood.

Lelepa is a little shallower than our normal anchorages.

Lelepa is a little shallower than our normal anchorages.


An interesting field of soft coral (or plant ?) and lots of bright blue fish

Soft coral

and more coral ...

Supper ?  We left him alone but the whiskers belong to a big lobster.

Lots and lots of sea turtles in Vanuatu.  They seem reluctant to pose for photos though,

Crown of Thornes killing coral

Crown of Thornes killing coral

At Mele we saw lots of the Christmas Tree worms.  It is the blue worm behind the fish that is trying to upstage the poor worms.

No lack of fish here at Mele

No lack of fish here at Mele.  A few tourists too. 

Trumpetfish and sea urchin

Giant clam

And lots more fish.

And lots more fish.

Not underwater but an American WWII fighter that was downed returning to Efate during the Solomons campaign by its own side. 

At anchor off Lelepa Island.  Pretty shallow and lots of coral.  Canada Day flag flying from the backstay. We went with the folks with the brand new catamaran in the photo. 

Sunset maintenance at the mast top.

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